Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, Rest Day, Sort of....

I really don't like Sundays! I have always just worked a 12 hour shift, slept most of the day, and I am exhausted. Then I have to go right back in and work another 12 hours! So, Sunday I never exercise unless it is a short walk with Greg if it is nice out. Delaney is usually at her whiniest. She has Mommy most of the week 24/7 and this is her first day with out me! Daddy takes good care of her though. When I walked out of the bedroom this afternoon and Delaney saw me she was so excited her feet and arms were both wiggling at the same time and she was squealing. She is just so sweet!

Dinner tonight was thrown together since tommorrow is grocery day. Greg usually cooks dinner and breakfast for that matter. I really don't like to cook but I love to bake. We had breakfast burritos and they were pretty good!

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