Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five of my favorite things to do

1. My new favorite thing to do is put the baby down for a nap and go run on the treadmill while blasting pop music while Kiley dances and sings along and dances next to me.

2. I love to go on mini trips with Greg. We are planning a trip to New York City, and my main goal of the trip is to visit Carlo's Bakery from the TV show "Cake Boss".

3. I love laying on the floor next to Delaney while she plays with her toys and just watch her play. They are just so innocent.

4. Taking long walks with Greg. It is good exercise for both of us and I love our conversations. We usually have the baby in the stroller and Kiley and/or Xander riding bikes.

5. Trying new healthy (or not so healthy) recipes...but they are usually baked goods because I really don't like to cook I would rather bake!

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